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Lucas ramos

Hey, I'm Lucas Ramos, from Florianopolis south west of Brazil. In 2009 I had the opportunity to go and do an exchange in Dublin - Ireland, and everything there was so beautiful and different that I did not miss the opportunity to register. As soon as I got my first  - professional Camera, photography was always a passion and was my hobby. In 2011 by God's work in my life I had the opportunity to photograph my first wedding and since then I have not stopped, there are more than 300 unforgettable dates recorded.
During these almost 8 years, many things have changed, my work has been improved, I have had the opportunity to do several courses, and to work with great photographers and especially I had the privilege of participating in memorable, unforgettable and full of love dates. Photographing special days in the lives of special people made me each day happier and more passionate, it made me sure that this was and is the profession of my dreams.