About Lucas Ramos Photography Wedding Photographer Dublin Ireland


Lucas Ramos

Photography was one of my hobbies for a very long time. But only in 2009 when I came to Ireland for an English Exchange Program, I had the opportunity to take it more serious. Coming from the southwest of Brazil, the Irish scenery was the perfect excuse to buy my first semi-professional Canon.

Two years later, unexpectedly, I had my first professional experience when I ended up covering a wedding. Since then, the hobby became a profession.

I love travelling. Who doesn't? Being a photographer gave me the mobility to work in Ireland (2011), Brazil (2012-2017), Canada (2017- 2018) and now back again to Ireland since January 2019.

I have a passion for making memories, and I think this is the best thing about photography. The power to record memories brings us back to that moment every time we find ourselves looking into a photograph.